Put a Value on Your Biggest Asset - YOUR BUSINESS!

What is your business worth? Amazingly, 75% of small businesses don’t know what they’re worth. In the opinion of the Small Business Association, this is one of the two most important challenges these companies and their owners face.

  • Discover what your business is worth
  • Monitor your value for a year
  • Optimize growth strategies

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I have less than 5 employees

Top 10 Reasons for Business Valuations

  • Better understand Your Business and its potential
  • Know the value of your largest asset so you can plan for Retirement
  • Ensure the business and your family are Properly Protected
  • Create a Succession Plan
  • Pay the right amount when you Buy a business
  • Get what it is worth at Sale
  • Create Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners
  • Explore Funding Opportunities
  • Establish a Trust or create an Estate Plan
  • Prepare for Taxable Events such as gifting or grants

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