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Tanner O'Brien

Tanner is driven by an unwavering passion for self-improvement, always seeking opportunities to grow and develop as a person. This pursuit of progress fuels a desire to measure daily successes and strive for personal bests, consistently asking himself whether he is better today than he was yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.

Tanner's mindset is grounded in the understanding that life is a journey, not a destination, and that true happiness lies not in achieving a particular goal or accumulating wealth, but in the pursuit of one's dreams and goals. This approach has allowed them to live a life that is purposeful and full of meaningful experiences, relationships, and achievements.

As a Senior Partner and Co-Owner of ActionCOACH Central Texas, Tanner has the opportunity to share this philosophy with others and guide business leaders to build companies that support their best lives. Over the past two years, his efforts have led to significant growth for the business, with revenue increasing from $16k to over $90k per month.

Tanner's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as they were selected as an ActionCOACH Global Speaker, sharing insights on "bringing the second generation into business," and have received two prestigious ActionMAN awards - one for North America and one on a global scale. All in service of his ultimate mission: to help others live a life that is meant to be lived, filled with purpose, growth, and consistent improvement every day.

Coach at ActionCOACH Central Texas

What Business Leaders Are Saying

"ActionCOACH helped me grow my business 4x in just 6 months."

- Igor (Austin, TX)

"Not only did ActionCOACH help the leadership team learn to communicate better and build better organizational structures, they also worked with the entire team on leadership development."

- Shannon (Alexander, IA)

"You have to have someone to work with, to vent with, someone else to help you in your job; you can not do it alone"

- Kerrie (Georgetown, TX)