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Fill the Available Space

The empty closet tends to fill over time. 


Often, when we take the time to do a bit of ‘spring’ cleaning - emptying out the garage that has all sorts of junk in it, slimming down the closet and donating all the clothes you never wear, or, my personal favorite, removing from the kids rooms of all the toys they haven’t touched in over a year - somehow, the space always refills. 


When we cleanse and remove things from our lives, we create space. When space is created, we allow for more to come into our lives. Just like the empty closet seemingly becomes a magnet for all the new clothes you can buy, or the kids rooms now fill with new toys, much the same happens in other areas of our lives as well.


When we make space for the new, we welcome in the things we want in life. When we make space for new clients - whether by adding client folders or making time on the calendar - we are now telling the universe, we are ready for more. And as we ask, so shall we receive. 


I absolutely love this law of nature - the law of the vacuum. Simply stated, all things in nature move to fill the space available. In practice, I have used this for growth as an individual, to learn new topics, to generate more business, and to make more money. When I make the space for these to enter my life, the space fills.


When I carve out time to read (and keep to my schedule), I tend to read - increasing my knowledge and allowing me to grow as a person. When I open up new time slots on my calendar for clients, I enroll clients to fill the space. 


The opposite is also true, if I neglect to make space - I don’t make time on my calendar, I am telling myself, and the universe, that I don’t have room. I am too full - whether that is actually true or not. As a result I don’t get what I desire.