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Business Coaching

Professional Accountability for the Scaling Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Coaching Levels and Investment

All Coaching Programs Start with a Complementary 2 Weeks to Best Guide in the Selection of the Program that is Right for You.
*NO PAYMENT DETAILS REQUIRED* All Coaching Programs at Backed by Our ActionCOACH Exclusive 17-Week Guarantee!

Group of 4


Some key features
  • Weekly 60 min Sessions in a Group of 4
  • Quarterly and Annual Planning Sessions Included
  • Unlimited Coach Contact
  • 1 DISC Assessment per Year Included
  • Access to Coach Library
  • 17 Week Guarantee
  • Grow Your Business Above $750,000/yr

Group of 3


Some key features
  • Weekly 60 min Sessions in a Group of 3
  • Quarterly and Annual Planning Sessions Included
  • Unlimited Coach Contact
  • 1 DISC Assessment per Year Included
  • Access to Coach Library
  • 17 Week Guarantee
  • Grow Your Business Above $1,000,000/yr

One to One

Starting at $695/week

Some key features
  • Weekly Private 60 min Sessions with Your Coach 
  • *Everything Included in Group of 3 and 4
  • 4 DISC Assessment per Year Included
  • One 12-Week Master Class/yr
  • 1 Mini Alignment/yr
  • 17 Week Guarantee
  • Grow Your Business to $5M/yr and Beyond

All plans include

  • Online Business Education

    Access to 3 years worth of business education, available on-demand as you navigate your business growth journey

  • Seminars and Workshops

    Meet up with other business owners to learn and grow on a variety of topics from Marketing to Sales, and finance to operations.

  • Templates and Systems

    There is no need to start from scratch. As a 30+ year, global organization, your ActionCOACH can get you started with hundreds of tools and systems.

  • Supplier/Vendor Consults

    When it comes to efficiency, an outside perspective can go a long way. 

  • Marketing and Sales Critiques

    Your ActionCOACH will review all current marketing and sales material to help you close the gap and improve conversion rates.

  • The ActionCOACH Guarantee

    We believe firmly that your investment should get a return. We offer a 17-Week Guarantee: If you haven't received a 1:1 return in 17 weeks, we will coach for free until you do.*

Your ActionCOACH Coaching Team


Andy O'Brien

Certified Master Coach, Executive Coach and Global Trainer


Tanner O'Brien

Certified Master Coach


Jodee O'Brien

Certified Non-Profit Coach

How Do You Know Which Coach is Best for Your Business?

Hiring a business coach is not for everyone - to determine whether it is right for you, here are the 10 questions to ask before hiring a business coach.

Get a Coach. What Are You Waiting For?

We’re Business Coaches …not business consultants

What’s the difference? It’s simple, really. Your ActionCOACH will do more than merely tell you what to do. Your ActionCOACH will be with you when you need it most—as each ideas take shape; when you’re faced with challenges, and more importantly, when you’re not sure what to do next. We’re with you every step of the way—helping, guiding, supporting and motivating you to achieve your goals.

The local knowledge, expertise, and experience at ActionCOACH come from assisting more than 18,000 businesses per week create greater productivity. We bring with us and leverage our vast array of proprietary systems and programs to customize solutions to meet your market demands.

Your ActionCOACH is an experienced business owner who has received world-class training and our exclusive certification and is supported by an extensive international community of nearly 1,000 coaches world-wide.

“But my business is unique …”

One-size-fits all training programs, and expensive consultants no longer suit the rapid growth of business and technology needs. Only through a customized and personal approach, with an ActionCOACH Business Coach at your side, will your business see real results.

ActionCOACH is the world’s largest business coaching franchise. We’ve worked with thousands of businesses around the world—many just like yours. Our approach utilizes fundamental business principles that can be applied to any business in any industry. Based on our proven sales, marketing, team building and business development systems, your ActionCOACH will help you increase your profits and grow your business.

Research Shows Huge Upside to Hiring a Business Coach

“Business Coaching is the ultimate short cut to reaching your goals. Research has demonstrated a 570% return on initial investment in coaching.”

Here are a few of the benefits and tangible business impacts of investing in a Business Coach.

* Productivity (53%)
* Quality (48%)
* Organizational strength (48%)
* Customer service (39%)
* Reduced customer complaints (34%)
* Cost Reductions (23%)
* Bottom-Line Profitability (22%)
* Top-Line Revenue (14%)
* Reduced turnover (12%)

(% = frequency impact reported)
Study conducted by McGovern, Lindemann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz with Manchester, Inc.